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You can sell any type of file via E-junkie, even high quality videos! Our subscription plans of $20/month and over allow for plenty of storage space for your files but also support the ability to provide your own hosting, which can help keep your monthly cost low while still taking advantage of our file delivery features!

You would simply upload your product file to our server when adding or editing a product in your E-junkie Seller Admin, or if you'd prefer to have us pull the file your own server you can configure the product with a Remote Product File URL. The file can be whatever format or quality you wish. We issue each buyer their own, unique link to download an identical copy of whatever file you provide for each product they purchased.

After the buyer finishes checkout and the payment processor confirms they completed the buyer's payment, we automatically grant the buyer access to a thank-you page we generate for you, where we present their unique download link(s). We also issue the buyer a thank-you email with a link to reach the thank-you/download page in case they did not proceed to the download page after checkout.

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